The Homepage.

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”

Isaac Asimov

Where Thoughts Become Ideas.

Technology’s boom has helped science propagate at a speed which we have never witnessed before. This has helped a whole generation of humans to grow in close contact with science, and in turn help the planet towards a better tomorrow. The open-source nature of information is the biggest factor contributing to this boom. Hence, this platform strives towards delivering the public true science information and research, free of cost. This platform also tries to combat anti-science feeling in people by resolving the questions and queries in them.

My Random Shower Thoughts!

This website is a culmination of Science Journalism, Education, Information and Opinions. This website started out as a random science blog, but now this has slowly transitioned into a fully fledged Science Media Platform. This website is owned, managed, and maintained by Vasudevan K with the support of WordPress.

2 thoughts on “The Homepage.

  1. ഒന്നും മനസ്സിലായില്ല കുട്ടീ….. ചെറുപ്പം മുതൽ സൂത്രവാക്യങ്ങളും സമവാക്യങ്ങളും ക്കൈ പേടിസ്വപ്നമായിരുന്നു. ധൈര്യമായി മനസ്സിലുള്ളത് എഴുതൂ ….

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