Is the Hype Real?

Everyday, we see technologies and developments that are meant to change the world forever, but are they really going to? Lets find out.


Articles which resurrects the past, analyses the present and predicts the future of certain phenomenon and movements.

A Broad Outlook

A series of articles which explains a phenomenon in great detail, adding my own flavour in terms of opinions and facts.

Project Absurdity

A series which takes you into the unknowns of science, and investigates the possible reasons for the Absurdity of this Nature. This series tackles fundamental questions that science cannot still answer.

Science Blogs

An older and less organised version of me tries to answer and explain subtle science questions that come in my head.

Miscellaneous Blogs

Completely random thoughts. Ranging from Hardcore philosophies to opinions, I ramble about things which mostly only makes sense to my past self.

The Neutrality

As my first series on this website, I try to tackle basic questions about human behaviour, opinions and interactions, and how this all affects our society. This is a non-science series.


Just a few announcements.

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